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Tigre Tours River Adventure, Buenos Aires

Are you looking for some nature, peace and quiet during your visit to Buenos Aires? Just outside of the city, a totally different but breathtaking landscape awaits you: the Tigre Delta. It is blessed with a stunning array of flora and fauna: enjoy the water, the flowers, the birds, the trees and much more. The Tigre Delta is composed of little islands and all traffic is by boat. We will take a boat ride and visit one of the islands.

Tigre Tours River Adventure, Buenos Aires,  Argentina

The special feature of this tour is that you will really get off the boat and go experience nature. It is a natural paradise! Tigre is a popular destination for the weekend getaways of porteños (people living in Buenos Aires). But, there are also people living there (the isleños), who have a charming culture and history. It is a different side of Argentine life! Our tour guide will tell you all about it.

Tigre was founded in 1820 and it earned its name because of the presence of “tigres”, jaguars. Jaguars were seen there until the end of the 19th century.

Tigre Tours River Adventure, Buenos Aires,  Argentina

The first settlers in Tigre were European farmers. A port was developed to bring in fruit and wood from the Delta and ports from upstream. Tigre is still an important port for the processing of timber. These days, the Puerto de Frutos (Fruit Port) is a crafts fair where tourists can shop around. During the boat ride, you can see rowing clubs, the navy, little humble colored houses and also, elegant mansions from the richer times.

You can visit Tigre all year round. Between December and February, it is summer in Buenos Aires, and Tigre offers the perfect escape to cool off. Come and enjoy the cold breeze during the boat ride on the Delta.

Tigre Tours River Adventure, Buenos Aires,  Argentina

Between March and May and between September and November, the weather is more moderate: a pleasant temperature with a nice little sun and sometimes some tropical rain (it is also called the rainy season). Between June and August, it is winter and it can be quite cold in Tigre. Winter in Tigre is very different from the other seasons, but it has an even more magical and peaceful atmosphere. For winter, we offer a special tour. Please contact us to find out the details.

Tour information:

:: Frequency: daily

:: Pick-up time: 13:00 - We are happy to start later if requested.

:: Duration: 5 hours

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