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Buenos Aires City Tour and Tigre Full Day Adventure Tour

Our most complete, adventurous private tour for an unsurpassable rate. Discover the city of Buenos Aires and end the day with an amazing experience visiting Tigre city and its lovely Delta rivers. This way we give you in just 1 day, a complete idea of what Buenos Aires has to offer. First, you will explore the different faces of stunning Buenos Aires and visit various neighbourhoods with a local guide. You will get a perfect overview of what this magnificent capital has to offer. You will become an expert of this city. Buenos Aires is known for its’ preserved Spanish and European-style architecture, cultural events, famous nightlife and splendid cuisine. It is called with reason the “Paris of South-America”: beautiful broad lanes, wide parks and majestic buildings. Every “barrio” (neighbourhood) has its own story, identity and history. San Telmo, La Boca, Palermo, Recoleta: during this tour we will tell you all about each one.

Buenos Aires City Tour and Tigre Full Day Adventure Tour, Buenos Aires Argentina

After this cultural part of the tour, the Tigre Delta Adventure will await you. You will see a totally different side of Buenos Aires: a breathtaking landscape with beautiful flora and fauna. Visiting Tigre will offer you a perfect relaxing end to a busy day. The Tigre Delta is composed of small islands and all traffic is by boat. You will take a local wooden boat over the Delta and visit one of its islands. Welcome to paradise! Tigre is a popular destination for the weekend getaways of porteños (people living in Buenos Aires). But there are also people living there (the isleños), who have a charming culture and history. Tigre was founded in 1820, by European farmers who developed it into an important port. It received its name because of the presence of “tigres”, jaguars. Jaguars were seen there until the end of the 19th century.

Buenos Aires City Tour and Tigre Full Day Adventure Tour, Buenos Aires Argentina

You can visit Buenos Aires and surrounding areas throughout the whole year. Between December and February it is summer. It is a beautiful period to enjoy the Buenos Aires cultural life outside as well as to go cool off in Tigre’s nature. Between March and May and between September and November, the weather is more moderate: a pleasant temperature during the day, cold nights and sometimes some tropical rain (also known as the rainy season). Between June and August it is winter and it can be quite cold but sometimes you will be surprised by nice days with a little sun. For the winter, we offer a special tour in Tigre. Please contact us to find out the details.

Tour information:

:: Frequency: daily

:: Pick-up time: 07:00 - We are happy to start later if requested.

:: Duration: 8 hours

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