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Custom tours and more destinations

Is there any other destination you would like to visit in or around Buenos Aires? Would you like to have a tour that is especially customized to your needs and wishes? For example:

A day at the countryside with Gauchos: go on a horse riding adventure.
A visit of a polo match: discover the fascinating sport of polo.
A visit to a soccer match: Argentines love soccer, feel the stadium vibrating.

An art tour: get to know Buenos Aires’ most famous museums and street art.

A shopping tour: paradise for the fashion fanatics.

Or are you interested in travelling to another destination in Argentina? For example:

:: The astonishing Iguazu waterfalls.

:: The charming wine fields of Mendoza.

:: The authentic North: Salta and Jujuy.

:: The breathtaking nature in Patagonia.

Please let us know! We would be happy to personalize any tour for you.

Argentina has so much to offer. Find here extra information on some other wonderful destinations that are perfectly reachable from Buenos Aires:

Iguazu waterfalls

Iguazu waterfalls, Argentina

Come and be awed by the breathtaking Iguazu falls that are located on the border between Argentina and Brazil. The name originates from the Guarani/Tupi language and can be translated to “big water”. A striking name for the waterfalls that have a width of 2.7 km (1.7 miles) and a height varying between 60 and 82 metres (200-269 feet), making the Iguazu waterfalls twice as wide as the Niagara falls. The waterfalls are surrounded by an amazing flora and fauna. It is really a must ‘have to see’. We recommend a stay of at least two days, so will you have the possibility to visit the Argentinean ánd Brazilian side of the waterfalls.

Mendoza city and surroundings

Mendoza, Argentina

When you talk about Mendoza, you automatically also talk about wine. Mendoza is the perfect place to tour the vineyards and get to know and try the delicious Argentine wine. For the wine and food lovers, it is a real must to visit! Mendoza is surrounded by the nearby Andes mountains, making it also the perfect location for adventurous tours like skiing, rafting and hiking. Besides these magnificent surroundings, Mendoza city can also be called one of the most beautiful, charming cities of Argentina. Broad avenues, beautiful squares, a quietness during the day and an exciting nightlife is what Mendoza has to offer you.

Salta & Jujuy

Salta, Argentina

Salta and Jujuy are the most northwesterly provinces of Argentina and offer a totally different cultural experience than the European vibe of Buenos Aires. With their close proximity to Bolivia and the Andes mountains, these provinces have a rich indigenous history and a strong Andean culture. Besides the charming city Salta with beautiful colored colonial buildings, these stunning provinces offer a wide variety of landscapes: salt flats, coloured mountains, picturesque villages, the valley of Humahuaca, the vineyards of Cafayate and so much more.


Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina

Are you seeking some quietness and overwhelmingly beautiful nature after your visit of Buenos Aires? The Argentine Patagonia would be your perfect destination. Patagonia offers a stunning variety of destinations with its’ highlights of Bariloche, Puerto Madryn, El Calafate, El Chaltén and Ushuaia. The ideal destination to go hiking and see some true wildlife: from penguins to whales to swimming with sea lions.

A beautiful way to travel in Patagonia is by self drive, which gives you the chance to really be free and alone in the breathtaking nature that surrounds you. Follow the national route 40: going from the south of Patagonia, Rio Gallegos, all the way up to Bariloche (and vice versa). It is even possible to follow the route all up to the border of Bolivia, crossing among others the provinces of Mendoza, Salta and Jujuy.

Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata, Argentina

Would you like to combine your visit of Buenos Aires with some relaxing time at the beach? A trip to the beach city, Mar del Plata, provides the perfect getaway. Mar del Plata is located 404 km south of Buenos Aires and therefore is perfectly reachable. It offers the perfect combination of city life with all its facilities and the beach at walking distance. You prefer a quieter beach town? There is a wide variety to chose from! The 47 kilometre coastline offers you beautiful beaches, wide bays, grand cliffs and abundant woods.

A trip to Uruguay - Colonia and Montevideo

Montevideo, Uruguay

Combining Buenos Aires with neighbouring ,country Uruguay, is a great option because of their close proximity. A two day trip to Uruguay would give you the possibility of discovering the charming Uruguayan culture.

A one-hour ferry ride takes you from Buenos Aires to Colonia, a charming colonial town located at the southwestern coast of Uruguay. It is one of the oldest towns in Uruguay and its historic quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Quietness, picturesque streets, beautiful squares, charming restaurants with sea views-what more do you want… ? The Uruguayan capital city, Montevideo is a 2 hour ferry ride away from Colonia. A beautiful capital with 1.3 million inhabitants and is significantly smaller and more peaceful than Buenos Aires. Located at the coast, it is the perfect combination of beach, charming architecture, exquisite gastronomy and beautiful residential neighbourhoods.


Florianópolis, Brasil

Florianópolis is the capital of the Brazilian southern state of Santa Catharina. The city is located at the Santa Catarina island and commonly referred to as Floripa. Floripa has around 400.000 inhabitants and is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful beaches, rich Brazilian culture and friendly people. The island has a stunning diversity of flora and fauna and is easily accessible. With its’ location between the two big cities of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, it will offer you the perfect relaxing getaway. Enjoy the samba music, the caipirinhas and the tropical vibe!