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Tigre Tours River Adventure, Buenos Aires Tour Itinerary

Delta Tigre

Tigre Tours River Adventure, Buenos Aires Argentina

Your guide will pick you up at your hotel or selected location at 1:00 p.m. and you will travel directly to the first destination, the Tigre Delta. Here, you will take a boat ride on the boat “busses”: the beautiful wooden boats that the real isleños also take to travel to their homes and schools. This way, you will really experience a bit of their life style. During the boat ride, your tour guide will tell you all about the stunning landscapes and interesting places you pass, for example, the house of old president Sarmiento. You will get to know more about the Delta’s history and culture.

Delta Terra

Tigre Tours River Adventure, Buenos Aires Argentina

You will now arrive at your second destination: a walking tour of the islands. Here, we will walk around and see up close the typical Tigre houses in very bright colors built on high poles, for when the flood comes. Here, you will also visit the national reserve Delta Terra, a perfect place to really see Tigres flora and fauna. You will take a hike through the park, approximately 1 km (30-40 minutes). You don’t really feel like hiking? There will also be the opportunity to sit down at the terrace of the reserve’s bar to have a drink and a bite. Just sit, relax and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. At the end of this visit, you will return back to the shore and take the next boat back to Tigre city.

Puerto Frutos

Tigre Tours River Adventure, Buenos Aires Argentina

Back in Tigre city, you will now visit the famous market of Puerto de Frutos (Fruit Port) and wander around while the guide tells you about its history. At this market, they offer a wide variety of items: furniture, fabrics, flowers, paintings, accessories and of course, you can’t miss, the local fruits. The tour is almost over now, but we will make one final stop on the way back to Buenos Aires: the elegant suburb of San Isidro. This neighbourhood has a beautiful historic center and Cathedral. It is located at the shore of the Rio de La Plata and therefore has a beachy vibe. On the way back, you will also pass the Presidential Residence in Olivos, just outside the city. The tour guide will take you back to your hotel at this point.

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