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The Tango Culture Tour, a Gastronomic Adventure in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, a city with a very rich gastronomy! Buenos Aires is known for its cultural and gastronomic richness. During this tour, you will experience it all. You will get to know the city, while also discovering its’ delicious food and beverages. You will visit the city’s different neighbourhoods (barrios) and be introduced to the Argentine gastronomy traditions and customs. From coffee to yerba mate, to dulce de leche, to ice cream, to its famous meat, Argentinians love to eat and enjoy life. Experience the classic Argentine food service industry: linen tablecloths and waiters with expert service. A dying tradition in a lot of countries! And that is not all, this tour will combine Argentines’ passion for gastronomy with another passion: tango! This tour will end with a visit of a famous tango show. Discover all the insider secrets of this vibrant capital that makes Buenos Aires the most magnificent city in South America.

 Buenos Aires Argentina

Buenos Aires is known for its preserved Spanish and European-style architecture, cultural events, famous nightlife and of course, splendid cuisine. Argentinians like their traditions and during this tour, you will get to know all about it. For example, there are strict do’s and dont’s with drinking yerba mate, a traditional South-American hot, caffeine rich beverage. Mate is mostly drunk in social settings and all people drink from the same straw (bombilla). During this tour, the local guide will let you experience all these local customs and let you into all the secrets. You will become a real insider!

 Buenos Aires Argentina

You can visit Buenos Aires throughout the whole year. Between December and February, it is summer in Buenos Aires, a beautiful period to enjoy the parks, have dinner outside or enjoy the many rooftop terraces Buenos Aires has to offer. Between March and May and between September and November, the weather is more moderate: a pleasant temperature during the day, cold nights and sometimes some tropical rain (also called the rainy season). Between June and August it is winter and it can be quite cold but sometimes you will be surprised by nice days with a little sun. For the winter we offer a special gastronomy tour in Buenos Aires. Please contact us to find out the details.

Tour information:

:: Frequency: daily

:: Pick-up time: 16:00 - We are happy to start later if requested.

:: Duration: 4 hours tour + tango show

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